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About Tall Tales
Tall Tales is based on the notion that cities are multi-layered, dynamic, living things in which stories are told everyday literally and metaphorically through the daily interactions of the people living in them. The Surrealists' Exquisite Corpse game model is extended into a collaborative cross-platform, cross-media storytelling experience. Tall Tales merges people, locations, and technology to create a multi-faceted experience that adds a virtual layer of stories that live and breathe with the city itself. By submitting short text messages, city residents and visitors compose an online story, which is a continuously evolving reflection of the tone and times that we live in.
How To Play
All around Utrecht, magnets have been placed indicating the location of an ever-growing story. By entering in the URL found on the magnet, or scanning the code, you will be presented with the last part of the story submitted. Once you add your own part, the full story created by myriad voices will be revealed. You may also browse all the locations and the stories by returning to the home page.
About Claudia Bernett
Claudia Bernett is an artist and designer living and working in New York City. Since receiving her MFA from Parsons School of Design in 2000, she has been creating work that operates at the intersection of the digital and physical realms, and explores cognitive responses to human-computer interaction. Her work She is also a user experience designer at Method, Inc., where she leads the user interface development on a wide variety of digital tools, toys, and experiences. Her portfolio of work may be found at Puncture.org.
About Impakt
The Impakt Foundation focuses on presenting and stimulating innovative audiovisual arts in an interdisciplinary context. To this end Impakt organises the annual Impakt Festival and year-round Impakt Events; short projects centering a certain theme, movement, or artist. It also launches annual net.art projects on its webgallery Impakt Online (www.impaktonline.nl). Beside this, Impakt runs the production house and residency programme Impakt Works. Raising Impakt is the educational programme for schoolkids and students.